Monday, February 04, 2013

Love and Hate

Love: My nephew and his joie de vivre.

Hate: My brother and sister-in-law taking the nephew to the gun range in Texas. He is eight.

Hate more: Them posting the picture on the same day that a sniper vet was shot to death by another vet suffering from PTSD, at a gun range in Texas.


Love: Finding a heretofore unrealized bit of information in the census and using that to add new layers of possibility to my analysis.

Hate: Being hyperaware of how little such documents actually tell about the facts of the past, especially when that unrealized bit of information is based on a possible mistake by the census-taker.


Love: The snow.

Hate: Needing snow boots, but the type I want seem only available for men. Perhaps I could just buy an appropriately-sized boy's boot? (I do have smallish feet.)


Love: Running many many miles, even if I do go rather slow.

Hate: Having to remind that I run for the awesome feeling of the activity, not to lose weight, when I see that I have not lost weight.


Love: The writing vortex.

Love more: Finding that writing vortex easily and first thing in the morning.

Hate: Having to leave the vortex early to go to a meeting.

Hate more: Having to skip the vortex entirely in order to read the documents for the meeting because the documents were not made available until the last minute. The documents were not available until the last minute because the person in charge of collecting the documents failed to make the documents available to the person who heads the meeting, thereby forcing the person who heads the meeting to waste her time tracking the document-collector down, then tracking the documents down.

Glad: That I am not the person heading the meeting.


Love: Seeing my name in print as author of anything.

Hate: When I am author of a review of a bad or mediocre book. That just feels like bad karma. I'm very superstitious that way.


Love: Having a really fun audiobook for working out.

Hate: That I don't have the fitness or energy to workout longer so that I can keep listening to the audiobook.


Love: Blogging.

Hate: Finding less and less time for it.

Love: Having less and less time to blog is a direct result of having both more and more discipline in doing other things and more and more time to spend with a certain companion.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

It's a good post, and good to hear that you're doing so well.

My captcha is "acksxcel."

undine said...

Yes, I'm glad you are doing well. Also: audiobooks are fantastic for walking as well as real workouts.


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