Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The last post had to go poof. It was too hurtful. Unintentionally so, but that doesn't really matter when someone gets hurt. It also wasn't the whole truth, just a part of the truth. A hard part, and one I have no idea how to resolve, but still only part.

I don't know how to write this blog anymore. It was always about me, but now I'm not just me and that makes writing about me more complicated. I also have a tendency to react oddly to things that should be good, and trying to figure out myself in public when someone else is involved has become counterproductive if not outright destructive. I'm sorry for that.


Janice said...

Our blog identities evolve and with my two girls getting older, I blog much less about home life than I used to do. It's hard to strike a useful balance but know we're here for you!

JaneB said...

I'm sorry too, I found a lot to relate to and learn from in your single-blogging-persona, but I'm also really pleased that you DO now have someone else in your life and look forward to watching you evolve a blogging approach to that (and to reading more about cool historical stuff)


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