Monday, September 03, 2012

Not Belgian Beer

Strolling down a street in old York last spring, we passed an off-license, as one does in England. An "off-license" is a liquor store, but I wanted to sound pretentious. Imagine I said it with a slight British accent, just to get the full-of-myself effect. Anyway, we passed the store and this caught my eye.:

No, not the chocolate stout. Hercule Poirot beer! With the David Suchet version of the character on the label. I just adore David Suchet's Poirot! He's so precise, with his toes pointed forward and his matching gloves and his little vase pin for posies on his lapel and the cord for his pince-nez tucked neatly around his vest button. Then his exasperated rolls of the eyes and his French syntax and his polite manner that draws out all sorts of information. What's not to love?

Well, Agatha Christie said she eventually found lots not to love, but I squeal with delight every time a Poirot episode appears in my mailbox.

Alas, this was not a Belgian beer. Not that the nationality would matter to me, since I must be the only marginal drunk in the western world who does not like beer. Poirot was with me on that. If you pay attention, you will see that he prefers wine and good wine at that.

Nevertheless, a fabulous nerd, one who brews beer, paid tribute to the little Belgian!


Bavardess said...

Love that label! I wonder if this was the famous off-license that I also visited in York, which was featured as one of Rick Stein's British food heroes? They sold me some wonderfully dry local cider and a not-quite-sharp-enough cheddar to go with it. And doesn't Poirot also love a sirop de cassis? (Ick, I think I'd prefer the beer.)

Clio Bluestocking said...

It was about a block or two behind the Cathedral (if memory serves), and was a smallish shop packed with bottles of all sorts of beers and such. We didn't go in, but had dinner nearby in the alleged birthplace of Guy Fawkes. How could we not?

Yes, yes, Poirot does prefer a very sweet aperitif, doesn't he? The sweeter the better, I always say!

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